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What Is A Facet Injection?

A facet injection, also known as a medical branch block, is designed to identify the source of spinal pain. There are many components to the spine that could be injured and causing pain. One of the most common causes of pain is facet joints. This treatment’s goal is to determine in the patient’s pain is from arthritic facet joints.

A facet injection is a diagnostic tool; pain relief may vary from minimal to complete elimination of pain. This relief may only last a few hours. The purpose of this procedure is not to provide long lasting pain relief, but to identify if arthritic facet joints are the source of a patient’s pain.

What can I expect during this procedure?

After patient check-in, a nurse will take the patient’s full medical history and, if appropriate, start an IV. Prior to the procedure, patients have an opportunity to have any questions answered by a member of the Nevada Compassionate Pain Care team. Once the patient is prepared, he or she will be placed on the treatment table and intravenous sedation will begin, if so prescribed. The injection takes only a few minutes. Afterward, the patient will be brought into a recovery area to rest for 30 minutes before being discharged. Sedated patients will not be allowed to drive home; patients are required to arrange transportation before the procedure. Taxicabs are not allowed unless there is a responsible adult to accompany the patient home with the cab driver.