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Person wearing winter coat

Surviving The Winter Months

Some might see the winter chill a welcomed change from the triple digits of only a few months ago but those with chronic pain tell a different story. If the cold weather has your body crying foul here are a few ways to survive the winter months.

Bundle Up

Who cares if everyone else is wearing a light jacket, if your cold bundle up. Wear layers and cold weather accessories such as long sleeves, long johns, hats, scarves, and gloves. The more layers the warmer you will stay as you adventure outdoors.

Conserve your Energy

Look at the forecast to plan your outings and busier days for warmer weather. By doing this you know that the colder days will be your recovery days and allow you to conserve your energy for the days when you’re able to go outdoors.

Blankets and Heating Pads

Feeling the cold when you’re trying to relax? Try heated blankets and heating pads to dispel the cold as you relax; if you don’t have access try bundling up with multiple blankets and warm pajamas.

Warm House

Set your thermostat a bit higher – it will cost more but you’ll be more comfortable in your own home.