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Pain Relief With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are trained healthcare providers who use manual (hands-on) therapy as their main type of treatment. They treat patients by manipulating the spine, joints, and soft tissues. Our chiropractors have been trained at the top programs, and have received additional training in treating chronic pain patients within a multi-disciplinary pain care model. 

Chiropractic care can be provided as a main treatment option at our practice for patients who do not want to try procedures or medications. Or, it can be included as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Although it may take time to optimize your medications, and procedures must be scheduled for a later date, we offer in-house chiropractic care so that we may be able to provide you with some pain relief on the very first day you arrive in our clinic, depending on your diagnosis. 

These are some of the techniques and treatments that our chiropractic team provides:

Techniques and Treatments:

  • Manipulation
  • Mobilization
  • Bracing
  • Spinal decompression

Manipulation – This technique involves the chiropractor relaxing joints and stretching tight muscles. This may restore normal function and reduce pain through the breakdown of adhesions or unlocking a joint. When carried out on the spine it can relieve some types of back and neck pain and tension headaches. There are dozens of manipulative techniques that our highly trained chiropractors can utilize to help relieve your pain and restore function.

Mobilization – With this technique, the chiropractor stretches soft tissues by moving the joints through their full range of motion. This may help relieve pain and return full range of motion to the arms, legs, shoulders, and spinal joints.

Bracing – Our chiropractors lead our bracing program, providing lumbar, knee, and wrist braces. These braces promote healing and reduce pain by providing daily support to the area with the injury or condition. Many of our braces are custom fit, including the Donjoy Defiance knee brace and the Aspen Horizon 637 back brace. 

Spinal decompression – Our chiropractors also carry out our spinal decompression treatment. This noninvasive therapy that works by stretching the muscles close to your spine and relieving pressure on the joints and disks of the spine.

At Nevada Pain Care, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, minimally invasive pain management care through a team-based approach. This comprehensive care includes chiropractic care, which is provided by our chiropractic team that is based in our office.