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NHL Alumni Association Endorses Equiscope Treatment

ENICINITAS, Calif., July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —

Intelligent Bioenergetics, Inc. (IB), Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine (TI) and The National Hockey League Alumni Association (NHLAA) have signed a two-year Promotional Sales and Website Marketing and Licensing Agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, the NHLAA grants IB and TI the ability to refer to their FDA registered medical device, the ELECTRO-EQUISCOPE®, as “Endorsed by the NHL Alumni Association."

The Electro-Equiscope® therapy… a procedure which is non-drug, non-invasive and painless is now available to all NHLAA members in Canada and U.S. Denis Savard, NHL Hall of Famer, said, “Now I’m able to move it (right shoulder) sideways, backward, forward, in one treatment. It really helped me a lot.”

“I’ve (just) tried the procedure and had very good relief, and I’m looking forward to continue this, and hopefully I can get back out onto the ice and perform,” said Marty McSorley, former NHL Enforcer.

A list of practitioners with the Electro-Equiscope® technology is being made available to the NHLAA for the purpose of providing care to the Alumni and their immediate families. Health providers interested in joining this list of clinicians or learning more about the Electro-Equiscope® can contact Intelligent Bioenergetics, Inc. at 1-800-228-7267.

About Intelligent Bioenergetics, Inc. and Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine

Intelligent Bioenergetics, Inc. was established to sell and distribute advanced intelligent bioenergetics devices, specifically the Electro-Equiscope®. Its President, Mr. John Thorp is also Founder and President of Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine, a medical management company established in 1995 and leading authority on micro-current technologies. Thorp Institute serves as the teaching facility for health practitioners using the Electro-Equiscope®. Intelligent Bioenergetics is located within the Thorp Institute in north county San Diego where patients and practitioners can experience the technology in a clinical setting.

About the NHL Alumni Association

The NHL Alumni Association is a registered charitable organization in Canada and the U.S. that serves as a passionate advocate for greater quality of life benefits for all former NHL players. The Association eagerly pursues greater benefits and the implementation of programmatic services devoted to enhancing the lives of retired NHL players and their families.


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